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Hello! I'm Asia, a 21-year-old student, musician, and aspiring journalist from California. I work on-campus while studying Journalism at my community college, and I plan to transfer to a 4-year institution in the next year.

Aside from school, I write and work on songs for 94 Geek, the band I'm in. I play with my brother and we're hoping to finish our material to release it and play a show in our local scene. I also spend my free time listening to music, playing console + computer games, watching movies and TV shows, journaling/making projects, and sometimes volunteering at this punk venue in my area.

I have social media to keep in touch with friends, but I think having a coded website is a lot cooler and more personal, so I made this website to use as a creative outlet, digital scrapbook, and personal space where I can talk about the things that I like (and don't like).

Hope you enjoy my site, thanks for visiting!
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